Nourish Your Soil This Spring with Microbe Brew Compost Tea!

What better way to celebrate spring than by using compost to nourish the soils your garden, lawn, and trees depend on? Starting April 6, Microbe Brew Compost Tea will be available for purchase at the Eco-Cycle Center for Hard-to-Recycle Materials (CHaRM) window, to help you infuse your soils with beneficial microorganisms that promote healthy growth all season long!

Compost tea is a liquid concentrate of living microorganisms that boost soil health. In nature, as vegetation falls to the ground, it slowly decays, providing minerals and nutrients needed by plants. We can mimic this natural cycle by applying compost or compost tea to our trees, gardens, and lawns!

Build Healthy Soils with Microbe Brew Compost Tea!

With depleted soils, dry heat, little rainwater, pests and weeds, Colorado’s spring and summer climate doesn’t exactly create ideal growing conditions. Additionally, it’s likely that your backyard contains clay soil, which is dense and can be a challenge for plants’ roots to grow. Or perhaps your soil is very sandy and does not retain water. Eco-Cycle’s Microbe Brew Compost Tea tackles these problems by infusing your soil with beneficial microorganisms, helping create soil that retains more moisture, yields more plentiful vegetation, and grows more pest-resistant plants!

We produce Microbe Brew onsite by feeding the cleanest food scraps and yard trimmings to our resident red wiggler worms (Eisenia fetida). As organic material passes through the gut of the worm, it is converted to worm castings (also known as vermicompost)—an especially rich form of compost. The castings are then brewed in highly oxygenated water under optimal conditions for the beneficial microorganisms present in the castings to reproduce rapidly.

How do I use Microbe Brew Compost Tea?

Microbe Brew is easy to use and requires no prep work. Using a lawn sprayer or a standard watering can, sprinkle Microbe Brew Compost Tea on your garden, lawn, or around trees and shrubs—anywhere you want to boost plant growth, including on household plants—then thoroughly moisten the soil with water. Your plants’ roots will work symbiotically with the Microbe Brew microorganisms in the soil to get the different nutrients they need to grow healthy and strong!

Unlike conventional plant foods you’ll find at the store, which act as an “IV” to transfer artificial nutrients to your plants, Microbe Brew infuses your soil with millions of living microbes, creating an ideal habitat for plant growth all season long.

Where can I get Microbe Brew Compost Tea?

Pick up your Microbe Brew Compost Tea at the Eco-Cycle CHaRM window, located at 6400 Arapahoe Rd. One gallon of Microbe Brew covers 200–400 square feet; five gallons cover an average city lot. Microbe Brew is sold in 1-gallon, 2.5-gallon, or 5-gallon containers. To promote reuse, we assess a small bottle deposit fee that is refunded when the empty jugs are returned for us to refill and resell. Please rinse out the jugs (water only, no soap) and return them at the CHaRM window during your next visit!