Composting & Carbon Farming Impact Programs

Eco-Cycle is bringing compost and carbon farming solutions to Boulder County and beyond to support healthy soils and a critical climate solution.

Building a Circular Compost System

Eco-Cycle is creating a local model that keeps organic discards out of landfills, builds healthy soils, and supports farmers.

What Is Carbon Farming?

We go beyond reducing emissions to REMOVING carbon from the atmosphere using “carbon farming.”

Cool Boulder Campaign

The City of Boulder implements Cool Boulder, a campaign for community-led, nature-based climate action.

Microbe Brew Compost Tea

Water your soil with life! Eco-Cycle’s Microbe Brew is a living soil amendment that is ideal for all types of plants.

What Is Biochar?

We’re piloting the production of biochar, using trees killed by fires or insects, to help sequester carbon.

State & National Efforts

We help communities nationwide replicate our carbon farming model for Boulder County.