Zero Waste Climate Solutions—Tackling “Consumption Emissions”

If we are to turn our climate crisis around, we must act NOW to disrupt and redesign entrenched, broken systems that no longer serve us. More than 40% of our climate impact in the US comes from our “consumption emissions”—generated from the production and disposal of our stuff and our food. Eco-Cycle works with communities to redesign these systems so we may all live more sustainably and equitably on our one planet.


Eco-Cycle has prioritized four primary bodies of work to reduce our consumption emissions and even work to REVERSE climate change by drawing carbon dioxide back down from the atmosphere.

The Urgency Around Reducing Plastics

The problem with plastics, and the hopeful solutions of product redesign, legislation, and personal action.

Composting and Carbon Farming

Applying compost to landscapes builds healthier soils and draws carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, creating one of the most hopeful climate solutions.

Zero Waste Colorado

We’re advancing state policies and working with Colorado communities to adopt new systems to take Colorado from a recycling laggard to a national leader.

Creating a Model Zero Waste Community in Boulder County

We innovate, implement, and advocate for Zero Waste solutions to serve as a model for any community anywhere.