Zero Waste Colorado

Learn more about how our policies, programs, infrastructure, and expertise are transforming the state.

The State of Recycling & Composting in Colorado

See which Colorado communities are leading the way on Zero Waste and which could use a boost.

Statewide Legislative Campaigns

Eco-Cycle champions state policies that advance Zero Waste and foster the development of circular economies.

Community Legislative Campaigns

Eco-Cycle helps communities reduce waste and plastic use, and improve access to recycling and composting.

Creating a Model Zero Waste Community in Boulder County

We create Zero Waste policies, programs, and infrastructure that other communities can replicate.

The Zero Waste Denver Campaign

Denver recycles and composts only 26% of its waste, but we’re changing that.

Composting & Carbon Farming

Applying compost to landscapes builds healthier soils, and helps reverse climate change.