Explore Our Most Popular Resources

From printable guidelines to our one-of-a-kind recycling app, you don’t want to miss these Zero Waste tools.

A–Z Recycling Guide for Boulder County

Learn how to recycle, compost, reuse, or otherwise repurpose items in Boulder County.

The Eco-Cycle Guide

View our flagship publication with guidelines for Boulder County, Zero Waste news, and more.

Recycling Sorting Game

Test your knowledge on what’s recyclable and compostable in Boulder County.

Eco-Cycle Times Archives

Past issues of the Eco-Cycle Guide and the Eco-Cycle Times from the last few decades.

Zero Waste Schools Activity Guide

Our Schools Activity Guide offers creative, low-cost ways to educate and engage youth in changing our society’s wasteful habits.

How to Stop Junk Mail

Learn facts about this eco-scourge, how to stop it, and how to keep it away.

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