A Climate Solution Right Under Our Feet

How to compost, no matter how small your space, and why composting is key to a climate-resilient future.

Why Compost?

Composting food and yard scraps, and applying that compost to landscapes, is key to fighting climate change.

How to Compost in Your Backyard

Learn the basics of creating your own backyard compost pile.

Microbe Brew Compost Tea

Water your soil with life! Eco-Cycle’s Microbe Brew is a living soil amendment that is ideal for all types of plants.

Composting with Worms

Short on space? Here’s how to set up and maintain a DIY worm-friendly compost bin.

Winter Composting

Composting doesn’t stop in the winter! Make sure to follow these winter composting tips.

Curbside Composting

Learn why curbside composting is so important to a Zero Waste community, and what to put in your curbside compost bins.