Plastics Solutions Through Redesign and Policy

We’re working with producers, government, the plastic-free movement, and fellow recyclers to create solutions to plastic production and pollution.

The Global Plastics Crisis

Growth in plastics production is creating serious problems for our health, climate, land, water, and wildlife.

Eliminating Problematic Plastics

Highly toxic and nonrecyclable plastics should be eliminated through better product design, bans, fees, and more.

Better Product Design for Better Recycling

Eco-Cycle works with major industries to redesign products to be less wasteful and truly recyclable.

Producer Responsibility for Plastics

Tackling the plastics crisis requires that industries take accountability for what they produce.

Campaigns & Policies to Reduce Plastics

Join us in passing local, state, and national policy to reduce our consumption of plastics.

The Problem with Microplastics

Why tiny plastics cause big problems and what you can do.