All About Recycling

Facts and tools to help you recycle, inform your networks on why recycling is so important, and spread the word on this essential Zero Waste virtue.

Why Recycle?

Why is recycling so critical to a sustainable, Zero Waste future? Learn the facts and share them with your networks.

Recycling Myths

Explore common recycling myths and set the record straight on recycling’s benefits and recent challenges.

The Truth About Plastics Recycling

Learn what plastics are more likely to be recyclable and why, and get the facts on “poison plastics” you should avoid.

Household Hazardous Waste

These items shouldn’t be recycled but should be disposed of properly to avoid harming people and the environment.

What We Accept at CHaRM

An in-depth look at the Center for Hard-to-Recycle Materials’ guidelines—what we accept, what to look out for, and more!

Recycling Guide for Boulder County

What to recycle, what NOT to recycle, and other FAQs about recycling in the Boulder County area.