Refuse and Reduce

How to avoid single-use plastics and other unnecessary stuff in your life.

Why Reduce?

All products have a history and future, and they come at a cost to the environment and climate.

Reducing Waste Starts at Home

How to tackle the most wasteful items in every corner of your home

Reusables as a Solution to Single-Use Disposables

Replace single-use products, such as disposable to-go items, with durable alternatives.

How to Stop Junk Mail

Learn facts about this eco-scourge, how to stop it, and how to keep it away.

Reduce Your Plastic Use

Take the challenge to reduce plastic waste in your home and on the go.

Be Straw Free

Eco-Cycle is proud to host the site for the Be Straw Free campaign. Please join us in enjoying drinks straw-less!