Local and Statewide Zero Waste Policies

We can each do our best to reduce waste, recycle, and compost, but to truly protect our natural resources and our climate, we need policies that create systemic change moving us toward Zero Waste and away from a world of disposables.

Campaigns & Policies to Reduce Plastics

Join us in passing local, state, and national policy to reduce our consumption of plastics.

Community Legislative Campaigns

Eco-Cycle helps communities reduce waste and plastic use, and improve access to recycling and composting.

Statewide Legislative Campaigns

Eco-Cycle champions state policies that advance Zero Waste and foster the development of circular economies.


More than 40% of our climate impact comes from our “consumption emissions”—or how we extract, consume, and dispose of our stuff and our food. As one of the leading Zero Waste organizations in the world, Eco-Cycle is prioritizing three major solutions to reduce and even reverse these emissions.

The Urgency to Reduce Plastics

Plastic pollution is choking the planet. We must take action NOW.

Composting & Carbon Farming

Applying compost to landscapes builds healthier soils, and helps reverse climate change.

Zero Waste Colorado

Our work to implement recycling and composting infrastructure and policies throughout the state