A Guide to the Compost Solution in Boulder County

How you can help create a model circular compost system.

Changing Compost Guidelines

Compost guidelines for the Front Range in Colorado are changing to food scraps and yard & plant trimmings ONLY.

FAQs About New Compost Guidelines

You have questions about Colorado’s new compost guideline changes. We have answers.

Clean Compost Campaign Toolkit

Resources for Colorado municipalities, haulers, and businesses to generate clean organics from municipal compost collection programs

Curbside Composting

Learn why curbside composting is so important to a Zero Waste community, and what to put in your curbside compost bins.

Building a Circular Compost System

Eco-Cycle is creating a local model that keeps organic discards out of landfills, builds healthy soils, and supports farmers.

Carbon Farming in Boulder County

Eco-Cycle is piloting efforts in Boulder County to draw down atmospheric carbon in agricultural and urban soils.