A $0.10 fee on plastic and paper checkout bags is required at large grocery, convenience, and retail stores (restaurants and small, Colorado-only stores with three or fewer locations are excluded) starting Jan. 1, 2023. The retailer will keep $0.04 of the fee, and municipalities or counties will keep $0.06 of the fee to implement and enforce the law as well as use it for recycling, composting, and waste diversion programs and education. Recipients of federal or state food assistance—such as EBT, SNAP, or WIC—DO NOT have to pay the bag fee.

UPDATE: Retailers are required to remit the total amount of fees collected and owed to the city (or county) since Jan. 1, 2023, and to continue remitting on a quarterly basis. The April 1, 2024, deadline for remittance set in HB21-1162 was recently removed through a new bill signed into law June 2, 2023—HB23-1285. Therefore, all businesses must now remit to local governments on a quarterly basis the $0.06 per bag collected. Additionally, if a municipality or county hasn’t established a process to accept the remitted fees from businesses, businesses shall retain that portion and use it for the original purposes set out in HB21-1162, including for any recycling, composting, or other waste diversion programs and related outreach and education activities, or for purchase of reusable bags for their customers.

Ban on plastic carry-out bags at large grocery, convenience, and retail stores (restaurants and small Colorado-only stores with three or fewer locations are excluded). 

Ban on polystyrene (aka Styrofoam) containers and cups for ready-to-eat foods are banned at all restaurants and schools.

Municipalities and counties can enact, implement, and enforce more stringent bag and polystyrene laws and enact, implement, and enforce laws that prohibit, restrict, or mandate the use or sale of plastic materials, containers, packaging, or labeling.

Toolkit to Implement Plastic Pollution Reduction Act Bag Fees

Step-by-step guidelines and resources to help your municipality, local businesses, and community!

2023 Bag Fees Guide for Businesses

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2023 Bag Fees Guide for Communities

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2023 Bag Fees Guide for Municipalities

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