Living Zero Waste

Keep Contamination from Creeping into Your Compost

Just like recycling, composting happens locally. To keep contamination out of your curbside compost bin, check your local compost guidelines! Composting—whether through curbside service, a drop-off center, or in your own backyard—turns a climate problem into a climate solution! In...

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Recycling Myths Debunked

Don’t let these recycling myths spook you! Find out the truth to these common recycling misconceptions. MYTH: “What we put in recycling bins just gets thrown in the landfill, so we shouldn’t even bother!” This myth grew in popularity a...

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12 Tips to Help You Quit Plastics This July

This Plastic Free July, explore the best tips and tricks from Eco-Cycle that can help YOU quit plastic! Here are 12 ideas to try and curb plastic use in your everyday life: Refuse: Avoid Single-Use: When ordering takeout or delivery,...

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