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Nourish Your Soil This Spring with Microbe Brew Compost Tea!

What better way to celebrate spring than by using compost to nourish the soils your garden, lawn, and trees depend on? Starting April 6, Microbe Brew Compost Tea will be available for purchase at the Eco-Cycle Center for Hard-to-Recycle Materials...

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The 2024 Eco-Cycle Guide Is Here!

Check out the latest guide & share with others so they’re in the know! Inside the Eco-Cycle Guide Chock-full of tips, tools, guidelines, and other resources, the annual Eco-Cycle Guide will help you build more sustainable actions in your life...

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Your 2024 Zero Waste Policy Brief for Colorado

Learn more about the policies Eco-Cycle is currently championing at the state legislature! Colorado’s legislative session is here, which means Eco-Cycle’s Policy and Campaigns department is working hard to write, advocate for, and pass Zero Waste bills. Find highlights of...

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Explore Eco-Cycle’s 2023 Holiday Resources

The holidays are called the "most wonderful time of the year"—but not when they create unnecessary waste!  In the US, we create 25% more trash during the holidays! Challenge holiday waste head-on with our advice for the "Best" and "Good"...

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The Three Rs: Highlights from across Colorado

Highlights from our 7th annual State of Recycling and Composting in Colorado Report! Colorado is poised for breakthroughs in waste reduction, despite a low recycling rate. Coloradans throw away roughly 5.6 pounds of materials per person per day—and about 85%...

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The Future of Reuse: Zero Waste Grocery Stores & Food Delivery Systems

The future of reducing plastic may very well be going back to the past—a time when reuse and refill systems for things like groceries and beverages was the norm and disposable plastics weren’t an accepted, unnecessary evil. Reuse is making...

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