Eco-Cycle’s School Recycling and Environmental Education Program won the 2020 Advancing Environmental Education Award from the Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education (CAEE).

Cyndra Dietz, former Director of Eco-Cycle’s School Recycling and Environmental Education Program, won the 2019 Superintendent’s Honor Role Award from Boulder Valley School District.

Cyndra Dietz, former Director of Eco-Cycle’s School Recycling and Environmental Education Programs, won the 2012 Pacesetter Award in Education from the Daily Camera.

The Green Star Schools program was recognized with the 2007 Environmental Achievement Award from the Environmental Protection Agency, Region 8

Eco-Cycle’s School Recycling and Environmental Education Program was the recipient of the 2007 Our World Award from the Boulder Rotary Club.

“We realize that we are doing more than recycling and composting today. We are helping to lead people in a new direction, making a difference now and together for the future.”
– Foothill Elementary students

“Kids in the future will have less garbage to deal with and more earth from compost. And that’s a better world for them.”
“I love recycling at school and reusing because there’s less trash.”
“I like composting because we help the earth be healthier.”
– 2nd-grade students from Ms. Janet Hoaglund’s class, Columbine Elementary

“The kids are really excited to participate. It’s become a real family-oriented and community-oriented affair with parents and community members coming into the school to help. Many families are now doing more recycling and composting at home. It’s been a positive experience and we are excited to do it.”
– Mr. Doug Stahl, 4th/5th-grade teacher, Lyons Elementary

“As a volunteer in the lunchroom, I was amazed at the children’s progress week by week. As expected, there were many questions in the beginning, but quickly, the students became self-reliant with their sorting. I am proud to say that after a typical lunch, Community Montessori—a school with almost 300 students—barely fills half a small trash can with waste!”
– David Tartaglia, Community Montessori parent


More than 40% of our climate impact comes from our “consumption emissions”—or how we extract, consume, and dispose of our stuff and our food. As one of the leading Zero Waste organizations in the world, Eco-Cycle is prioritizing three major solutions to reduce and even reverse these emissions.

The Urgency to Reduce Plastics

Plastic pollution is choking the planet. We must take action NOW.

Composting & Carbon Farming

Applying compost to landscapes builds healthier soils, and helps reverse climate change.

Zero Waste Colorado

Our work to implement recycling and composting infrastructure and policies throughout the state